What did it take to set up Navigator?

It takes a crowd, it makes a family. It is a great truth and our basic principle to this day. A restaurant, a whole universe, where people meet, literally and figuratively. It needs a lot of effort, but mostly it needs many people and it needs them just as much, even today not only has it found its pace, but it admittedly is a unique success story.

The Navigator Restaurant Acharavi was the beginning of a universe that lives and reigns, works and constantly thrives for more.

Happy Birthday, Navigator Acharavi! You make us proud!

Elena Lampoura, 

Kyriakos Vasilakis 

and Team

Navigator turns twenty this month. And we are celebrating it.

It has taken a life of its own, which has become synonymous with perseverance, effort, discipline and quality. It constantly teaches us, makes us proud, gives us impetus and urges us for new ideas.

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